COP26 chief slams UK’s green U-turn

Alok Sharma, former COP26 chair, has warned that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s recent changes in green policy necessitate finding alternative emission reduction strategies

‘Horrified’ UK minister resigns as government ‘abandons climate commitments’

Lord Goldsmith has resigned as UK Foreign Office Minister, prompting scrutiny of government’s environmental commitment, while the Prime Minister has reaffirmed UK’s active role in climate change action

UN says oil and gas delegates have to disclose ties at summits

More than 600 fossil fuel employees were present at COP27

‘Banks make net zero pledges but don’t give up on fossil fuels’

A new report says more hundreds of billions is still invested from GFANZ members

COP Champion says net zero could be hit in 2040s

Nigel Topping argues that bolder policy can bring the UK to zero-emissions ahead of its 2050 target

Cumbria coal mine project would be ‘backward step’, says ex climate chief

Alok Sharma has said if the plan moves forward, it will “damage” the UK’s climate action reputation

COP27 reaches a deal on climate compensation

Analysts say the biggest economies must commit to larger CO2 reductions as the UN Secretary-General calls for a “giant leap on climate ambition”

The Carbon Column – From pledges to plans

We have a lot of pledges, but we need more robust plans to achieve net zero, something I address in this week’s Carbon Column

‘GFANZ companies investing in sectors linked with deforestation’

This is to the tune of $8.5bn according to new research

Fossil fuel industry delegates increases at COP27

There has been a 25% jump in oil and gas lobbyists from last year’s climate summit