Price cap to ‘surpass £2,255 in October’

That is nearly a 77% increase in the current level of the price cap, according to a new report

Price cap to ‘skyrocket by 46%’

Summer price cap forecast to rise to around £1,865 says report

Industry responds to Bulb’s collapse into administration

Does Bulb’s failure mean that the energy sector will see darker days? What does the industry believe?

‘Day-ahead power prices are 300% higher than the same time last year’

On Monday, the low wind speeds pushed energy prices to more than £2,000 per MWh

Mind the gap between cheapest energy deals and price cap!

New research finds that the gap between the cheapest energy deals and price cap has shrunk to the lowest ever level

Price cap to skyrocket to £1,660 next summer

New analysis by Cornwall Insight predicts the energy bills will increase by approximately 30% compared to the current price cap

Energy prices burn power contracts for SMEs

Prices of gas contracts are at the highest level since 2012, new analysis finds

Energy prices expected to heat up next summer

The price cap is set to rise by 14% to £1,455, new analysis finds

Power prices predicted to keep burning in winter!

High gas prices are the main driver of this price hike that is not likely to abate any time soon, new research concludes

Merchant onshore wind is ‘unviable and will not lead to mass capacity’

A new report claims fully merchant onshore wind is not financially worthwhile for investors