Energy bills set to rise again in January

Families brace for a 5% increase in energy bills as Ofgem is expected to announce a January to March price cap increase

“Energy price cap is no longer fit for purpose”

The energy sector has reacted to the anticipated price cap increase, highlighting that this will coincide with a challenging period for households

Energy price cap to increase by 5% in January

Energy consultants predict a 5% increase to £1,931 for a typical dual fuel household

Energy price cap predicted to rise above £1,900 next year

Forecasts suggest that the 2024 default tariff cap for energy prices in the UK will remain above the current levels until the end of 2024

Europe’s LNG supply faces pressure from China and rising prices

Europe’s LNG supply faces challenges, especially due to surging Chinese demand, potentially leaving Europe vulnerable to shortages this winter and beyond, according to a new report

Ireland braces for soaring power prices in 2024

Irish power prices are predicted to increase in 2024 due to gas supply disruptions, according to a report

“Offshore wind shortfall may hinder UK’s net zero goals”

A new report predicts that the UK government will fall short of its 50GW offshore wind capacity target by 2030, potentially impacting the nation’s net zero emissions ambitions

Anticipated energy bill hike looms for UK households in 2024

UK households face the prospect of higher energy bills next year, with electricity prices set to remain substantially above pre-crisis levels, according to a new report

Brits brace for £73 spike in energy bills

Analysts anticipate a £73 increase in household energy bills in January, bringing them close to £1,996, mainly due to the escalation of wholesale energy prices

UK trails Europe in EV boom

Analysis suggests the growth of battery electric vehicles in the UK is lagging behind most of Europe, with only 31% growth compared to the EU’s 60.6% over the past year