Energy UK raises concerns over lack of winter energy bill support

Energy UK’s Chief Executive Emma Pinchbeck has urged the government to consider targeted support for those in need this winter

“Energy crisis is far from over”

Emma Pinchbeck, Chief Executive of Energy UK, discussed the pressing challenges facing the energy sector in an interview with Energy Live News, including energy affordability, decarbonisation and policy changes

Energy UK CEO: “We are on the cusp of a new energy era”

Emma Pinchbeck, CEO of Energy UK, addressed the annual conference, highlighting global energy challenges, competition for green investment and the significance of energy in the wider economy

Energy leaders promote diversity and inclusion

Leaders in the energy sector are spearheading an initiative to enhance visibility of diversity and inclusion across the entire industry

UK’s green power growth falls behind global peers

A new study reveals a 2.9% yearly increase in the UK’s renewable and nuclear electricity output from 2023 to 2030, positioning the country at the bottom among major economies

Energy leaders unite to advance equality and inclusivity

Ofgem, Energy UK and the Energy Networks Association have committed to boosting equality, diversity and inclusion efforts

Industry responds to CCC’s Progress Report

Energy sector leaders hail the report as a significant wake-up call

Winds of trouble: UK’s CfD auction “underpowered” in offshore expansion

Energy UK has warned that the scheme will fall short of delivering the necessary offshore wind expansion to meet the government’s 2030 50GW target

‘UK retail energy debt surges to £3.6bn’

Energy UK estimates that the retail energy sector’s debt has increased, with average household debt at around £129, a significant rise from Ofgem’s figures of £2.5bn in 2022

Government has chosen members for the new Energy Efficiency Taskforce

The new body will be focused on finding ways to improve energy efficiency and reduce energy bills