Morecambe gas fields embrace carbon capture

Spirit Energy, majority owned by Centrica, has obtained a carbon storage licence for the North and South Morecambe gas fields

Ofgem boss: Polite queueing no match for fossil fuel exit

Jonathan Brearley has slammed energy projects for blocking low carbon schemes

‘Fossil fuel companies must cough up for the costs of climate change’

That’s according to 78% of Brits who think the financial responsibility lies with oil and gas giants

Wind powers the UK more than gas for the first time

Wind provided 32.4% of the nation’s power, with gas delivering 31.7%, analysis claims

UK funds businesses to cut emissions and slash energy costs

The government has awarded £24.3 million to 26 businesses to boost energy efficiency and cut fossil fuel use

UK’s environmental tax revenue blossoms to new heights!

In 2022, energy tax revenue maintained its position as the primary contributor to environmental tax revenue in the UK, accounting for 74.7% of the total, according to a report

Ithaca strikes deal with Shell to market Cambo share

Shell may sell some or all of its 30% stake in the Cambo oil field project to Ithaca Energy to progress the project towards the final investment decision

Priti Patel opposes 110-mile pylon plan in East Anglia

Former Home Secretary has opposed plans for a 110-mile stretch of 164ft pylons in East Anglia, warning that they will blight landscapes and harm the environment

bp beats profit forecasts in first quarter

The energy giant has reported profits of $5 billion for the first quarter

‘UK clean energy investment takes a dive while rival nations race ahead’

UK investment in clean energy fell by 10% to $28 billion in 2022, while the US and Germany increased their investment in low carbon efforts, new research shows