We can have small nuclear fusion in decade claims Lockheed Martin

US engineers claim they are working on a compact nuclear fusion reactor (CFR) which can be readily used within a decade. If they succeed, the team at defence firm Lockheed Martin will blast apart assumptions of those who believe nuclear fusion is a pipe dream. In a video on the company site, a confident project […]

US Nicaragua embassy gets energy efficiency makeover

The United States is revamping its huge embassy in Nicaragua to boost its energy efficiency. It has handed engineering firm Lockheed Martin with a contract to more than halve the energy use of the embassy in Managua. Around $15million (£9.8m) will be spent on installing 1MW worth of solar panels and improving lighting and chilling […]

Ocean’s heat used to power luxury hotel

Heat from the sea is being used in a pilot power plant to provide all the energy for a ‘green’ hotel resort in China. Dubbed Ocean Thermal Energy Technology or OTEC, the process relies on the natural temperature difference found in the ocean in tropical regions. In areas with warm surface water and cold deep […]

MOD installs "wind-farm friendly" radar

The Ministry of Defence has installed a “wind farm friendly” radar which could potentially unlock more than four gigawatts of energy- enough to power over two million homes. The MOD has, up until now, objected to wind farms located near Air Defence Radars due to the interference caused by the turbine blades. However, the installation […]