Cyber attack hits energy firms in Ukraine and Russia

A cyber attack has targeted Europe’s critical services and systems, affecting energy suppliers and power grids. The ransomware initially targeted Ukraine, hitting major energy firms, government offices, private and state banks, the main airport and the metro system in the capital city of Kiev. State energy provider Ukrenergo said an attack on its IT systems had not affected service but workers […]

Cyber security threat to the energy industry ‘is rising’

The cyber security threat to the energy industry is increasing year-on-year. That’s according to Michael John, Director of the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS), who told ELN malware such as the Crash Override attack on Ukrainian power grids in December 2016 would only become more frequent with time. The attack, which was the first known use of malware […]

New tool to protect US oil and gas sector from cyber attacks

A new public-private partnership to strengthen protection of the oil and gas infrastructure from cyber attacks has been announced in the US. Led by the Energy Department in collaboration with industry experts, the Department of Homeland Security and other stakeholders, the initiative will create a tool that allows owners and operators to assess and prioritise […]

Power firms ‘at risk from cyber attacks’

Power companies are increasingly at risk from cyber-attacks because their computer security is stuck in the last century, a British security firm claimed this week. The warning comes after the US government told thousands of firms to boost the protection of computers which operate power plants and other utilities. This was prompted by a survey […]