Spain joins UN’s Clean Seas campaign

Spain has become the 32nd country to join the UN’s initiative to tackle marine plastic litter. The government officially announced its support to the Clean Seas campaign, which aims to turn the tide on plastic by inspiring action from governments, businesses and individuals. It asks the support of governments through the creation of effective national […]

Maldives aims to turn the tide on marine litter

  Maldives has joined a UN campaign aimed at eliminating marine litter. The UN Environment’s CleanSeas campaign, which was launched in February this year, calls on government to pass policies to reduce plastic and industries to minimise plastic packaging. Maldives has pledged to launch a national campaign to reduce single-use plastics and look at reducing […]

UN launches campaign to stop oceans of plastic

The UN has launched a global campaign to eliminate marine litter. Dubbed #CleanSeas, it aims to get rid of micro plastics in cosmetics and the excessive usage of single-use plastic bags by 2022. It is urging governments to implement plastic reduction policies, targeting industry to minimise plastic packaging and redesign products. UN Environment is also […]