Emergency response centre opens at Sizewell B

A new Emergency Response Centre (ERC) has opened at the Sizewell B nuclear power station. The centre contains back-up control systems to allow operators to command the station remotely if necessary, as well as emergency equipment, high pressure pumps and vehicles that could be sent out in the case of an extreme event (pictured). The […]

Nuclear chief: Public must know who to trust on nuclear

The chief of the UK’s nuclear trade body is backing calls for the nuclear watchdog to take on a bigger role in the public eye. MPs on the Science and Technology Committee yesterday suggested the public body could be a more trustworthy voice of authority on the risks of nuclear power than the Government. Keith […]

UK nuclear has no “serious” weaknesses

The Office for Nuclear Regulation has confirmed the UK’s non-power generating nuclear facilities are safe after “robust and challenging” stress tests were carried out. The tests were requested last year by chief nuclear inspector Mike Weightman following last year’s accident at the Fukushima plant in Japan. Mark Foy, a senior inspector at the Office for […]

Fukushima plant is in ‘cold shutdown’

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda today declared the Fukushima nuclear plant to be in a fully “stabilised” condition for the first time since it was sent into meltdown by the earthquake and tsunami in March this year. Mr Noda told a press conference: “The nuclear reactors have reached a state of cold shutdown and therefore […]

Nuclear safety report will reassure the public

The public should be reassured by the Chief Nuclear Inspector’s report on the lessons to be learned from the nuclear crisis at Fukushima in Japan. This is the view of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (Imeche), which has welcomed the report and says it is now vital to progress plans for new nuclear as quickly […]

UK nuclear plants start stress tests

All of the UK’s nuclear power stations have started ‘stress tests’ as part of a Europe wide review of safety in light of the Fukushima accident. Following flooding of the Japanese plant, every nuclear power generating country in Europe agreed to undertake relevant tests to see how their stations would cope with extreme natural events, […]

What the UK can learn from Fukushima

Interview with Mike Weightman about lessons learnt from Fukushima