Brrring bring your old phones to London station for National Recycling Week

Members of the public can drop off their old mobile phones at recycle points in central London’s Liverpool Street station all this week as part of National Recycle Week. Recycle “tubes” will be dotted around the station as “secure and sustainable” collection points for old handsets. Network Rail and phone operator O2 are behind the […]

Charge Upp your phone with portable fuel cell

It’s the maddening drawback for a smartphone user – running out of battery. A new device to power electronic kit such as phones, tablets and games consoles could change all that – and it’s a miniature fuel cell. Called the Upp fuel cell, it delivers at least one week of charge. It works by taking […]

O2 to sell phone without charger to cut waste

Mobile network provider O2 plans to sell a new HTC smartphone without a charger to cut down on waste. The firm says it made the decision because its research suggests there could be more than 100 million unused chargers lying in drawers or tangled in cupboards in the UK. The unnamed phone will have a […]

Overcharging gadgets could cost homeowners £134m

Brits could be wasting £134million a year by overcharging their gadgets, suggests new research. Many people leave their phones and laptops plugged in for too long, suggests a survey of 2,000 adults by OnePoll on behalf of energy firm E.ON. The supplier is launching an ‘Energy Fit’ campaign to get homeowner thinking about energy efficiency. […]