Scottish gallery paints a green picture

One of Scotland’s national galleries has installed an energy efficient technology which is expected to help cut its electricity consumption by more than 10%. The Portrait Gallery has installed a voltage optimisation technology, which claims will help save around £6,225 every year and reduce carbon emissions. The installation is part of the National Galleries of […]

Voltage Optimisation – how can it help you?

Why is Voltage Optimisation a good idea?

UK will miss carbon targets unless drastic action is taken

Decarbonising businesses and households is a simple solution to tackling our emissions, but one that Government hasn’t been brave enough to implement. According to a panel speaking at the Energy Solutions Expo in London today, our current crop of politicians are more concerned with winning votes in the short term and not dealing with long […]

UK efficiency firm snaps up global technology rights from Japan

UK efficiency firm powerPerfector has snapped up the global rights to its energy saving technology from the Japanese supplier. Angus Robertson, powerPerfector’s CEO for the London-based company said the deal represents a “huge opportunity” to build a global presence in places like Australia, South Africa, China, Thailand and the Philippines. The Voltage Power Optimisation device […]

powerPerfector savings milestone

powerPerfector says its saved its clients a billion kWh of energy. That’s the equivalent of switching London off for nine days. The company operates a voltage power optimisation system which adjusts the incoming electrical supply to commercial buildings which stops excess energy use, saving money and carbon. Angus Robertson, CEO of powerPerfector, said: “The billion […]

UK’s fastest growing ‘green’ company founded in garage

Efficiency firm powerPerfector has been named the fastest growing private ‘green’ company in the UK. The company was named 10th overall in Virgin’s league table that ranks Britain’s fastest-growing 100 private companies. Angus Robertson, powerPerfector’s CEO said: “We began ten years ago with three people working out of my garage, so to be named the […]

Energy saving technology caught by the fuzz

Surrey Police have installed technology that will save them £19,000 every year. Using Voltage Power Optimisation technology the force will save on carbon as well as cost, by optimizing supply voltage. Eunice Mabey, Environment & Energy Manager at Surrey Police said: “Surrey Police has a responsibility to investigate any changes we can make that will […]

Voltage Management kit cuts costs

Making your voltage supply more efficient can cut costs, show new case studies published by the Carbon Trust. Voltage management technology at a number of county council sites like Colchester, Salford, Bath and Worcestershire has created average annual savings of 9 per cent. The savings speak for themselves say engineers at powerPerfector, which supplied eight […]

powerPerfector celebrates fast-growing profits

powerPerfector, the company that introduced Voltage Power Optimisation to make energy,cost and carbon savings by efficiently optimising a site’s supply voltage, has come second in the Sunday Times’ Profit track 100. The Sunday Times Profit Track 100 league table ranks Britain’s 100 private companies with the fastest-growing profits, based on their latest 3 years of […]

Double win for retail giant at Green Business Awards

M&S has scored a double whammy at this year’s Green Business Awards. The company scooped the top prize in the Carbon Emissions Ambitions category and also the ultimate Green Business of the Year. In the Carbon Emissions Ambitions contest is beat runners-up Logica, Tesco and Vodafone. Among the feats that impressed judges was the fact […]