Net Hero Podcast – High voltage, high savings!

Voltage optimisation could be the right tech for many businesses right now to save carbon and cost, so why isn’t it more popular?

Voltage optimisation.

Two words from ancient history? Maybe actually two words for the green net zero future?

On the podcast this week I discuss if voltage optimisation is a bit of unloved technology, which could be helping businesses right now to cut their carbon and save money. The technology has been around for decades and works by making sure the electric machinery and devices operate at the optimal voltage, which is often a lot lower than the 240V we have as standard. It saves energy use and lengthens the lifespan of devices.

A decade ago many businesses used voltage optimisation but as the efficiency of products has improved, it’s become somewhat of a technology of yesterday but maybe that’s wrong.

I speak to Michael Lambert from powerPerfector who explains why voltage optimisation may actually be the right kit to help cut carbon and cost right now and why he believes its role in our decentralised energy future will be vital.

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