New transatlantic agreement to advance commercial fusion energy

The UK Atomic Energy Authority and Commonwealth Fusion Systems will support the ‘fastest path’ to low carbon fusion energy, based on the same processes that power the sun and stars

EDF to deploy underwater drones to inspect offshore wind farms

Underwater robots will autonomously carry out maintenance work for offshore wind turbines

New robotics and AI hub to support Sellafield nuclear decommissioning

The facility in Whitehaven, known as RAICo1, will be used by Sellafield Ltd, supply chain partners and academia to develop technologies needed for decommissioning

The future starts with AI: AI, automation & robotics are safeguarding energy and utilities industries

While the Energy and Utilities industries may not seem like the most obvious places to look when it comes to automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, they are actually some of the biggest potential adopters of these technologies.

Robots farm more sustainably than humans

A California-based company is developing an artificial intelligence solution to the carbon footprint of agriculture

‘Robots hold the key to net zero’

A new report claims that by 2050 the robotics market in the energy sector will be worth £8.4bn and could become essential to the maintenance and success of key renewable systems

Autonomous drones ‘offer wind sector cost, environmental and safety benefits’

The ORCA Hub says its drones can not only survey infrastructure but also physically interact with energy assets

New £36m project to develop robots for offshore energy

A £36 million project is to develop robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for use in extreme and unpredictable offshore environments. A consortium of five universities, working with 31 industrial and innovation partners, will provide support to advance AI technologies for the inspection, repair, maintenance and certification of offshore energy platforms and assets. The Edinburgh […]

Greg Clark commits £339m for batteries and robotics

Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark has confirmed an investment of £339 million for battery storage and robotics for deployment in extreme energy environments. It is part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF), initially announced by Chancellor Philip Hammond, with a commitment of more than £1 billion over the next four years across various […]

Robotics experts get £4m wind energy boost

A consortium of robotics experts is receiving a £4 million boost to develop wind farm maintenance technology. The Holistic Operation and Maintenance for Energy from Offshore Wind Farms (HOME-Offshore) will use the grant to create autonomous systems that can remotely inspect the condition of subsea power cables, identify problems early and repair them relatively quickly and easily. The project […]