Renewables look to new opportunities as COVID-19 offers snapshot into energy future

SmartestEnergy’s ‘Smart Generation: State of the Market Report 2020’ outlines how flexibility and maximising merchant revenue models will be key to successful generation projects in the post-subsidy energy landscape

Dave Cockshott leaves Inenco for SmartestEnergy

Dave Cockshott has been appointed as the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at SmartestEnergy. He will take on the new role – created as part of the company’s re-organisation to give it “real commercial focus” – from November this year. Mr Cockshott, former CCO at utility consultancy Inenco and former Industrial and Commercial Director and Domestic […]

National Grid secures 312MW of turn-down DSR

Around 312MW of turn-down demand side response (DSR) has been secured by National Grid as part of its capacity auction. The Transitional Auction (TA), which supports the Capacity Market, cleared at £45/kW/year for delivery in 2017/18. A total of 372.987MW entered the auction, out of which 312.171 have been awarded contracts. Winners include UK Power […]

Smart energy, green power and carbon compliance at #EL2016

Renewable energy tariffs, smart power revolution and carbon compliance post Brexit will all be part of the discussions at the Energy Live 2016 conference next week. Experts from Utilitywise will be addressing issues when it comes to compliance and explaining the impact leaving the EU will have on the legislative landscape as well as providing […]

Battery developers call for more clarity on grid contracts

Battery developers are excited around the opportunities they can offer to the energy sector. However, there are some challenges that need to be addressed to ensure battery storage reaches its potential. That’s according to a survey by SmartestEnergy which asked 45 energy storage developers to explore the barriers they face to commercialisation. The results come ahead of National […]

Guest blog – Dan Smith tells us a smarter approach to working with energy consultants

Dan Smith, Head of Channel Sales at SmartestEnergy, gives an insight to our approach to working with energy consultants and why they are vital to the energy market. We hear a lot from energy suppliers about the importance of customer service. Rhetoric or not, the need to regularly claim it is indicative to me of […]

UK firms missing out on green energy benefits?

UK companies are said to be missing out on the benefits of renewable energy supply. That’s according to a new report, which stated switching to green electricity adds less than 1% to power bills and responds to demand from customers, investors and politicians. Industrial and commercial businesses account for more than 56% of UK electricity […]

Energy label to show carbon footprint of power supplied

An independent energy supplier is offering a new label which highlights the source and carbon footprint of electricity. SmartestEnergy will produce the energy label – similar to the buildings energy efficiency label – annually for each customer. The ‘Tariff Emission Factor Model’ has been developed with Carbon Trust and certified according to the GHG Protocol […]

Business benefits of buying renewable electricity

With the recent removal of the CCL exemption for renewable power, why should businesses still buy it? Join our webinar to learn about how organisations are reporting lower carbon emissions and demonstrating their environmental commitments by opting for a renewable supply. Sustainability experts from the Carbon Trust and SmartestEnergy will explain recent changes to the […]

What market reform?

Labour MP Alan Whitehead has questioned the whole point of the electricity market reform. Speaking this morning at the Smartest Energy annual conference he said the EMR should be renamed “Electricity Market Non-Reform” as he argued its unlikely to do enough in its current form to secure supply and move the UK to a low […]