It’s Triad season: What you need to know 2020/21

Triads incentivise heavy commercial and industrial users of electricity to shift their power use to periods of lower demand, by charging a premium for high consumption at certain times.

The Triad Season 2019 is here! See what you need to do

The Triad period will commence on the 1st of November 2019 and these peak time charges can have a significant impact on your energy bills for the next financial year.

National Grid publishes Triads for winter 2016/17

National Grid has published the Triads for winter 2016/17, confirming the three half-hourly periods when demand was at its highest. Triads are used by the grid operator to determine charges for customers with half-hour metering and payments to licence exempt distributed generation. This identifies peak electricity demand at three points during the winter in order […]

Inenco More Than Y Report – 8th April 2015 – Triads

Confused by Triads? Inenco expert Matt Osborne takes you through the pitfalls and solutions to coping with Triad warnings

Guest Blog: npower’s Wayne Mitchell on Triad Season

Why inaction equals energy higher bills Apologies to those of you enjoying an almost balmy September, perhaps optimistic that above-average temperatures are here to stay. But according to long-range forecasts, after a mild start, the UK is due a cold winter this year, with below-seasonal temperatures and a strong likelihood of snow. For those of […]

Plan ahead for winter ‘triads’, large energy users warned

Large energy users are being warned to start planning ahead for their winter energy needs now if they want to keep costs down. Businesses need to be especially on their guard for the next “triads”, the charges which are based on firms’ average half hourly electricity usage during the UK’s three national system peaks. Energy […]