Thousands of hospitality jobs at risk due to rising energy costs

A trade association has warned that a quarter of a million jobs are at risk if the government energy bills support will not continue from April 2023

Big Zero Report 2022

Nearly 250,000 jobs in the hospitality sector are in jeopardy if the government will not extend its support on business energy bills.

The boss of industry group UKHospitality Kate Nicholls said it is “vital” energy firms support companies struggling with energy bills.

Ms Nicholls also called on ministers to extend the government energy bill support scheme.

She said: “I am increasingly hearing from businesses big and small that were it not for the soaring energy bills they would be breaking even – suppliers still refusing contracts and 3-400% increases in bills still too common.”

Earlier this year, a report suggested more than a third of UK hospitality businesses could go bust by early next year as energy bills soar and bookings fall.

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