Guest Blog: Scott Birley – Nuclear Power – is it renewable energy?

Everyone has their own requirements and thoughts on why they want, or need, to embrace a renewable or sustainable future (however defined!). This can be driven by their supplier chain requirements, ESOS compliance, or just a desire to have a lesser carbon footprint, among other things. Only this morning, I was asked to provide renewable-only […]

Guest Blog: Nick Boyle – The Building Blocks of a Successful PPA

Everyone’s pretty au fait with the general shape of a PPA – renewable developer meets end user, and both live happily ever after with a mutually beneficial purchase agreement – but for many people the rest of the details are a little hazy. There’s a lot more to a PPA than just settling on a […]

It’s a new look – but same great style and substance

However violently I’m opposed to facelifts (who wants that frozen fish pout?) there are one or two exceptions to the rule in my book. Just as it is incredibly satisfying to get a new frock or, I’d imagine, a new suit, when it comes to a website redesign, a little reboot can make the world […]

The Gas Forum – what does it do?

David Faragher explains about The Gas Forum Want to know about the MD role, please click here.