Biggest Big Zero, has one ambition

The BIg Zero show kicks off at the home of Coventry FC with net zero goals in sight

‘CEOs rewarded for easy carbon targets’

A study alleges that some of Europe’s top companies are handing out full bonuses for insignificant climate progress

UK net zero economy ‘worth more than £70bn’

Total gross value added by businesses involved in the net zero economy is more than twice that of the energy sector, according to a new study

‘Assets worth £59bn are sitting idle in businesses across the UK’

In the energy and utilities sector, nine in 10 organisations have equipment sitting idle

Energy Price Guarantee kicks in to protect consumers from rising costs

The government’s two-year cap limits the amount suppliers can charge for each unit of gas and electricity used by a household in the UK, as well as the standing charge

Chancellor looking at ‘blanket energy bill discount’ for businesses

Business energy bills could reportedly be lowered through a fixed discount on current contracts

‘More than 75k firms face collapse without energy bill support’

A new report states that government support for businesses is critical for their survival this winter

Businesses likely to see energy bills increase fivefold in October

New analysis suggests higher energy costs could force more business closures that would cripple the economy

Could Britain follow Germany’s lead on banning hot water?

Concerns have been raised over potential energy rationing to help the country beat a potential energy crunch

Welsh Government spends £4m to reconnect power to Baglan Energy Park

Businesses at the site previously received their power supply via a private network from an onsite gas-fired power station