Dope! Drug testing at their fingertips for utility firms

Intelligent Fingerprinting has launched a portable solution, with sample collection taking only five seconds

Dope! Hybrid microgrids for the cannabis industry

Microgrids for the cannabis sector could solve the industry’s “energy hog” problem. That’s according to the head of an alternative energy company, who believes hybrid microgrids could fill the gap utility companies and major corporations can’t fix. Scale Energy Solutions develops microgrids combining solar, storage and combined heat and power (CHP) to lower the gluttonous […]

‘Significant amount’ of stolen Merseyside power used for cannabis farms

The number of people prosecuted for electricity theft in England and Wales are highest in Merseyside, with a “significant amount” related to cannabis farms. New figures from the Crown Prosecution Service reveal 267 people in the region were charged and reached a first hearing at Magistrates’ Courts in 2014/15. It was followed by 178 cases […]

Denver’s dope habit leads to high power demand

Around 45% of Denver’s power growth is coming from its booming legal marijuana industry! Denver officials said last week at a forum on energy use the electricity used by the marijuana industry presents a new efficiency challenge as the city aims to cap energy use at 2012 levels. City energy staffers appealed to a US Department of Energy […]

Not so dope! Cannabis farms nicking electricity

Farmers growing cannabis in the UK aren’t dope with suppliers – they’ve been nicking electricity from suppliers to power their plant hothouses. Up to one third of the electricity stolen each year goes towards powering cannabis farms according to figures from suppliers which is why the regulator Ofgem today put forward new rules for energy […]