Energy industry reacts to Autumn Statement

Chancellor’s Autumn Statement faces criticism about geographical-based bill relief and perceived shortcomings in addressing fuel poverty

Autumn Statement: Will there be energy bill support?

The government’s reported offer of £1,000 for allowing pylons in residential areas sparks controversy, with critics highlighting concerns about geographical disparities in assistance

Surrey residents queue for bottled water amid water cuts

Thousands in Surrey face water shortages as a result of Storm Ciarán disrupting treatment works, leading to long queues for bottled water

Ofgem cracks down on overcharging of business customers

Ofgem plans to unveil findings of non-domestic market review this summer

UK response to US and EU green strategies delayed until autumn

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has said the delay will allow the UK to evaluate the EU’s response

UK launches first carbon capture rail corridor

The ‘Rail to Zero’ project offers a promising solution for dispersed industrial sites to achieve permanent carbon storage

‘Diesel charged at nine times the price at pump’

Despite the wholesale price gap between petrol and diesel now just at 1.5p, if you’re filling up a diesel vehicle at the pump you’ll be paying 20p, new data has shown

UK Energy Secretary hints at splitting electricity and gas prices

Grant Shapps has unveiled plans to eliminate “distortions” in the energy market, a move that could result in a £100 reduction in electricity bills

How will “Green Day” rock the UK’s energy sector?

The government is set to unveil additional measures next week aimed at bolstering energy security and fulfilling its net zero emissions pledge

Rolls-Royce eyeing Finland for mini-nuclear reactors construction

The company is awaiting a government decision on investment for their small modular reactors