Oil deals at climate talks? UAE’s COP28 plans leaked

Leaked documents reveal that the UAE planned to utilise its role as the host of COP28 to engage in oil and gas deals with at least 15 nations

Europe’s LNG supply faces pressure from China and rising prices

Europe’s LNG supply faces challenges, especially due to surging Chinese demand, potentially leaving Europe vulnerable to shortages this winter and beyond, according to a new report

Japan begins releasing Fukushima treated radioactive water into Pacific Ocean

Japan has started releasing treated water from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean, sparking global concerns and opposition due to potential environmental impacts

Global oil demand surges to new heights

Global oil demand hit a new high of 103 million barrels per day in June, driven by increased air travel and higher oil use in China, according to the International Energy Agency

Sir Tony Blair: UK public net zero efforts alone insufficient

Former Prime Minister, Sir Tony Blair, has emphasised the necessity for global cooperation in achieving net zero goals, cautioning against expecting Britain’s efforts alone to solve the climate crisis

ELN at GBN launch: “UK won’t take Chinese money into any national infrastructure project”

Energy Secretary Grant Shapps clarified that any Chinese involvement in the country’s nuclear power sector would be limited to pure financial investment without any connection to technology or management

MPs warn of China’s potential control of UK nuclear power

China’s increasing involvement in the UK’s civil nuclear sector poses a significant risk, potentially leading to China controlling the country’s nuclear power stations, according to a parliamentary report

Energy boss warns of winter price rise

Factors such as a stronger Chinese economy and a harsh winter could contribute to a rise in gas prices, the head of the International Energy Agency has cautioned

Low vote of confidence given to 90% of net zero pledges

Only the UK, New Zealand and EU managed to gain a high vote of confidence

UK ranks fourth in renewable energy attractiveness

The US has topped the Renewable Energy Index, while Germany has surpassed China