UK offers up to £2m to support green finance in China

Proposals should be submitted by 29th June 2018

Billion euro green investment gets rolling in China

Projects that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve climate resilience in the country will be supported

MIT: China’s climate policy ‘could more than pay for itself’

The study estimates fewer deaths from air pollution could lead to savings of $339bn in 2030 – four times the cost of meeting China’s climate goals.

EU extends anti-dumping duties on Chinese steel ropes and cables

The EU has imposed a total of 53 measures on steel and iron products, including 27 on imports from China

China partners with World Green Building Council to cut carbon

China is the largest building construction market globally, with up to two billion square metres constructed every year

China meets 2020 carbon target ahead of schedule

It provides a boost to the Paris climate agreement, which aims to limit global average temperature increase to well below 2°C

Total invests in fund targeting emerging energy tech in China

The fund will invest in the energy sector, notably renewable energy, energy storage, distributed and smart energy

Low carbon Winter Olympics snow joke for China

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) will provide the city of Zhangjiakou with a renewable energy roadmap to support its green ambition

Nissan aims to sell a million EVs a year by 2022

It aims to launch eight new electric vehicles, including four models for China

EU extends anti-dumping measures on Chinese steel

Its investigation found if measures were to be removed, significant quantities of dumped Chinese exports could be directed to the EU market