‘COP26 will only be a success if there is no new coal’

Six countries make up 80% of the world’s remaining coal pipeline and a new report claims November’s conference will be a failure if it does not lead to them rejecting it

‘Record-breaking offshore wind numbers are not enough for net zero’

A new report claims that although offshore wind installation numbers are almost as high as they have ever been, the world is only tapping into 0.5% of its potential

Greening Asia’s transport ‘could cost $12 trillion’

The price of green transition within transport in Asia is equivalent to more than 90% of China’s 2020 GDP, a new report suggests

Lotus to build £900m EV plant in Wuhan

The sports car brand has stated the plant will ramp up production to 150,000 vehicles per year

China boosts renewable portfolio in Middle East

China Three Gorges South Asia Investment has acquired Alcazar Energy and its 411MW renewable porfolio

GOAL! ‘World’s largest’ wind turbine covers six football pitches

The renewable colossus can power 20,000 homes per unit over its 25-year lifespan

Top 5: World’s largest nuclear stations

This week, the ELN top-5 series looks at the five largest nuclear power stations in the world

US closes borders for solar panel materials linked to forced labour in China

The US Department of Homeland Security says specific Chinese companies that produce silica-based products
breached labour laws

EDF responds to reported leak at its Chinese nuclear power plant

The company said it has been informed of a build-up of rare gases at its nuclear power station in China

World Bank: Carbon pricing covers more than a fifth of global greenhouse gases

Carbon pricing instruments generate around $5bn in revenue, representing a 17% increase from last year, however, the full potential of carbon pricing ‘remains largely untapped’