Could 3D-printed reefs installed between wind turbines protect cod?

3D structures have been installed on the seabed in a Danish offshore wind farm to improve cod population growth

‘UK could fall behind China and EU on meat substitutes’

A think tank has said the UK alternative protein policy remains underdeveloped and underfunded

Russia’s Gazprom cuts off gas supply to Denmark’s Ørsted

The Danish company said Gazprom Export has halted the supply of gas after the Russian firm demanded payment in roubles, despite being under no obligation to do so under the contract

Danish offshore wind giant rejects demand for payments in roubles

Ørsted has said there is a risk that Gazprom Export will stop supplying gas to the company

Wind turbine blades of Ørsted’s wind farm fall into the sea

The company has requested a ‘no sail zone’ in response to the incident

Global solar and wind on track to meet climate targets

Wind and solar surpassed 10% of global electricity for the first time ever, according to a new report

Ørsted explains why it cannot terminate Gazprom contract

The Danish energy giant has a long-term take-or-pay gas purchase contract with Gazprom Export

Denmark looks to phase out Russian gas

It is also looking to increase its defence spending

Is Europe still ‘heavily reliant’ on fossil fuels?

In 2020, fossil fuels made up 70% of gross available energy in Europe, according to new report

Each person ‘generated waste equal to the weight of a camel’

Europe produced 225.7 million tonnes of municipal waste in 2020, according to new research