Rolls-Royce inks deal for Hinkley backup power

It is supplying four diesel generator sets to provide power if there are any unplanned outages

Rolls-Royce inks Hinkley Point C nuclear deal

It was selected as the preferred bidder by EDF Energy in 2016 to supply heat exhangers

BEIS proposals to address diesel generator concerns in capacity auction

The government is proposing a number of changes to the Capacity Market (CM) auction scheme to address concerns that current rules may favour small embedded diesel generators. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has launched a consultation on some technical changes to the CM, which pays generators who can guarantee backup capacity […]

Consumers face bill rise to subsidise £175m diesel power, Rudd blames Labour

Householders will see their energy bills rise following the UK Government’s decision to award £175 million in public subsidies to support diesel generators. Energy Secretary Amber Rudd made the announcement while speaking during energy questions in the House of Commons, blaming the Labour Party for the hike. It follows the results of DECC’s second Capacity […]

Diesel generators ‘to pocket millions from subsidies’

Owners of diesel generators could make “excessive” profits at the expense of billpayers due to a government policy. That’s according to a new report which claims new diesel generators were awarded £109 million in subsidies last year under the Capacity Market auction. Power suppliers bid for contracts to feed electricity into the grid to help […]