Industry reacts to UK’s ‘green policy U-turn’

Industry concerns are mounting as reports suggest potential changes to the UK government’s environmental commitments, with critics cautioning that such revisions could lead to higher energy bills

Industry reacts to launch of £1bn Great British Insulation Scheme

Experts have different views on the £1 billion Great British Insulation Scheme, with some praising its potential to lower energy bills and others expressing concerns about delays and high gas costs

Energy bill crisis: Missed offshore wind contracts

An estimated £1 billion in energy savings is at risk following a government oversight in contract allocation for offshore wind projects, experts have warned

Solar boom or gloom?

New analysis reveals that imposing more restrictions on ground-mounted solar farms could inflate energy bills by up to £5 billion annually

Industry reacts to appointment of new Energy Security Secretary

Claire Coutinho has been urged to take immediate action to restore the UK’s position as the top choice for global renewable energy investment

‘Peterborough’s solar success could amp up UK’s power by 7GW’

Peterborough leads English constituencies with the highest deployment of domestic solar photovoltaic systems, boasting a total of 6,744 installations, according to government data

Nearly 67% of Britons unaware gas boilers produce air pollution

Nearly 97% of the UK population is unaware of the proposed start date for the gas boiler phase-out, according to a new survey

‘UK’s inefficient homes face £700 extra energy costs as gas prices soar’

New analysis uncovers that homes rated Energy Performance Certificate band F might incur bills £685 higher than EPC band C homes under the new price cap

‘UK faces £1.5bn surge in energy bills due to wind farm barriers’

The ECIU alleges that bureaucratic hurdles by the government could increase annual bills by £1.5 billion due to hindered wind farm development

‘UK risks £9bn expense on foreign gas due to heat pump delay’

The government’s slow progress on implementing heat pumps could result in additional expenses of up to £3,000 per household by 2035, according to a report