Concerns arise over UK’s regional energy pricing proposal

Trade associations RenewableUK, Scottish Renewables and Solar Energy UK have expressed reservations about the proposed “locational marginal pricing” scheme

UK explores ‘locational pricing’ to green grid and lower energy bills

Officials are reportedly contemplating the implementation of locational wholesale electricity pricing, a system where the wholesale price of electricity varies based on location

EU aims to put an end to windfall levy on renewables

The European Commission plans to end the windfall levy on renewable energy sources as emergency measures to stabilize energy markets are no longer deemed necessary

Ofgem plans to end temporary last resort supply payment claim process

The energy regulator seeks industry feedback on reverting to single-claim process and implementing internal audits for Last Resort Supply Payments

Shapps demands action against power firms over market manipulation claims

UK Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps has called on regulator Ofgem to investigate claims of electricity market manipulation by power trading firms

British energy giants under fire for ‘fleecing households through grid’s loopholes’

Uniper, SSE and Vitol PPI have allegedly exploited Balancing Mechanism loopholes, resulting in more than £500 million being overcharged to households

Irish wind farms generate 42% of electricity in February

Driven by wind’s strong performance average prices on the wholesale electricity market fell to their lowest point since November 2022

Sun power shines brightly in German energy market

Lightsource bp plans to enter Germany’s market, bringing the company’s European footprint to ten countries

National Grid puts coal plants on emergency standby

Standby coal power units have been asked to warm up amid cold snap

Average day-ahead electricity prices were nearly 70% higher in 2022

Analysts say that record prices were exacerbated by the failures of the French nuclear fleet