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UK Government urged to seize ten renewable energy opportunities

Scottish Renewables urges the new UK Government to prioritise ten key initiatives in its first 100 days, including boosting funding for renewable projects, reforming electricity markets and investing in Scotland's green economy

Scottish Renewables has urged the new UK Government to seize ten identified opportunities in renewable energy during its first 100 days in office.

The industry body argues that these initiatives could significantly boost economic growth and reduce energy costs nationwide.

Highlighted priorities include increasing the budget allocation for Contracts for Difference (CfD) in Round 6 to secure contracts for Scottish projects essential for meeting deployment targets.

They also advocate for a gradual reform of electricity markets to support both investment and consumer interests, opposing Locational Marginal Pricing.

Additionally, Scottish Renewables proposes investment in Scotland’s renewable energy supply chain and ports, aligning with the Strategic Investment Model and Industrial Growth Plan to promote green industrial growth and infrastructure development across Scotland.

The industry body also suggests a nationwide initiative to insulate homes and deploy clean heat technologies, particularly targeting areas in the North of Scotland with high levels of fuel poverty.

They further call for support for large scale, long duration electricity storage to attract investment in vital Scottish pumped storage hydro projects.

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