Gadgets on standby ‘increase UK energy bills by £600m’

Energy bills in the UK have soared by around £600 million due to an increase in gadgets left on standby. That’s according to a survey by market research group Ipsos MORI which shows the average number of gadgets in people’s homes has increased by 31% since 2010. The report showed the number of kitchen gadgets has increased by […]

Parents are unaware gadgets affect bills

A survey has found that fewer than half of parents consider whether gadgets in households have any impact on their energy bills. Children spend twice as much time on their gadgets over school holidays and weekends compared to term time, when they spend around one to two hours with tech items each day, according to E.ON Energy […]

Brits admit leaving TV shows playing on gadgets for hours

Gadget-crazed Britons are absent-mindedly leaving energy-guzzling TVs and tablets switched on while not using them. A new survey found every Brit has three devices to watch home entertainment and half (55%) admit leaving them on for at least an hour and a half per day. Beverley Maguire, energy efficiency expert at E.ON said: “Add that […]

“Standby” guzzles billions of pounds in energy

Growing stockpiles of gadgets which “talk” to each other are via networks are wasting $80 billion (£47bn) a year guzzling ever more energy, a report has warned. The world’s 14 billion online electronic devices including phones, printers and game consoles are so wasteful because of inefficient technology. In its ‘More Data, Less Energy’ report, the International […]

New parents see energy bills grow

New parents see their energy use grow in the first two months after having a baby, according to a poll of parents which shows two in three new parents find energy use increases with a baby’s arrival. Nearly a fifth (18%) find their energy use went up considerably, with four in 10 (40%) tumble drying […]

Overcharging gadgets could cost homeowners £134m

Brits could be wasting £134million a year by overcharging their gadgets, suggests new research. Many people leave their phones and laptops plugged in for too long, suggests a survey of 2,000 adults by OnePoll on behalf of energy firm E.ON. The supplier is launching an ‘Energy Fit’ campaign to get homeowner thinking about energy efficiency. […]

Smartphones more appealing than efficiency measures

People who save money with energy efficiency measures would prefer to splash out on more gadgets or bank the cash rather than invest in making their homes greener, suggests a new survey out today. Only one in ten of 2,000 UK householders said that if they saved £400 with energy saving measures, they would reinvest […]