“Alexa, open electric vehicles”

The new virtual assistant application has been released by Go Ultra Low, the UK Government’s campaign to encourage motorists to consider switching to an EV

Switching to EVs ‘could save SMEs £625m’

Switching to electric vehicles (EVs) could deliver savings totalling £625 million for UK businesses. That means as many as 435,000 small and medium sized firms (SMEs) could each save up to £1,440 per car every year, according to new research by industry and government campaign Go Ultra Low. However, many businesses are unaware of the […]

UK organisations to scale up EV workforce fleet

A raft of organisations from a variety of sectors have pledged electric vehicles (EVs) will make up at least 5% of their vehicle fleet by 2020. The groups, which include OVO Energy, Oxford City Council, Santander UK, Swansea University and Gatwick Airport have signed up to the Go Ultra Low initiative. More than 100 other […]

Switch to greener vans – ‘save £2.6bn in fuel costs’

The UK’s commercial vehicle fleet managers could be missing out on £2.6 billion in fuel costs by not switching to ultra-low emission vans. New research by government-funded campaign ‘Go Ultra Low’ found nearly half of the 3.7 million vans on UK roads could save around £1,450 per vehicle every year compared to a diesel-powered van. […]

Major carmakers Go Ultra Low for emissions

Three major car manufacturers have joined the UK Government’s campaign aiming to promote the benefits of ultra-low emissions vehicles (ULEVs). Audi, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen have pledged to support the Go Ultra Low initiative.=, joining BMW, Nissan, Renault and Toyota. The manufacturers together offer 15 ULEVs, all of which are available for the government plug-in grant […]