‘Battery boom means wind and solar will produce half of all power by 2050’

A new report predicts coal’s share of the mix to shrink to just 11% of global generation by this time

India’s publicly owned banks ‘favour coal lending over renewables’

The Centre for Financial Accountability said coal received $9.4bn last year, compared to clean technologies receiving $3.5bn

AT&T signs new deal to buy 300MW of wind power

The US firm has inked a power purchase agreement with NextEra Energy

Global offshore wind growth gusts forward by more than a tenth

The pipeline of offshore wind projects rose from 95GW to 104GW in the last year

New 57.4MW Welsh wind farm powers up

It is expected to generate enough electricity to power 38,800 average UK homes

Vodafone dials up renewable power commitment

The telecommunications giant’s global operations are currently supplied with 13% clean energy

SEAT cuts environmental footprint by 35.5%

The automotive giant has insatlled one of Europe’s largest solar arrays at its Martorell facility in Spain

Irish power firms announce financial close on 89MW wind project

The Oweninny wind project will be built on a site where peat was formerly harvested and burned for power

Waiting for ‘unicorn’ energy tech to be developed ‘could cost UK 61% more’

Researchers from Imperial College London suggest developers are better off committing to existing low carbon tech immediately

New York State’s solar scheme hits 2,400 installations

The Solarize Initiative aims to support the state’s goal of sourcing half of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030