The Carbon Column – The Big Zero Show.

The Big Zero Show is happening today! A big event for future Net Zero. In this article I look at the sustainability of events and things to consider when setting one up.

Taiwan receives ‘carbon-neutral’ crude oil from Azerbaijan

All associated emissions have been offset for the transaction

Seven countries to share €2.4bn EU funding to accelerate green transition

It will support measures to reduce emissions in energy, industry and transport in Romania, Czechia, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovakia and Croatia, as well as support them in meeting their 2030 climate and energy goals

One of Europe’s largest wind farms opens

The Swedish site will power 300k homes with green electricity

UK Government picks new competition watchdog chair after two-year search

The government has named former senior partner Marcus Bokkerink at Boston Consulting Group as the preferred candidate

IEA: ‘COVID and Russian war halt energy access progress’

Globally, 733m people are without access to electricity

Fluix helps energy companies switch to more efficient automation

Energy projects consist of many standard processes and repetitive procedures.

Webinar: Managing risk in the energy transition | How I&C can access a CapEx free battery

In case you missed this live webinar, you can catch up here

British gas consortium helps repair work of Ukraine’s damaged energy infrastructure

Large-scale components and specialist tools were donated to help Ukraine’s gas networks

Will Gazprom’s UK business rebrand?

The reported move will allegedly help Gazprom Energy improve its survival prospects