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Petrol and diesel prices rise again

Petrol and diesel prices experienced another hike in April, adding 10p per litre to the cost of fuel this year

Fuel prices in the UK saw an increase in 2024, with petrol and diesel rising by 10p per litre since the start of the year, according to RAC Fuel Watch data.

This equates to an extra £5.50 for a typical family car fill-up.

Unleaded prices went up by 3p to 149.95p per litre, while diesel prices increased by 2p to 157.76p per litre last month.

The RAC has expressed concern about the continuous price hikes and their impact on household budgets, urging the government and the Competition and Markets Authority to address issues in the fuel retailing sector.

Of particular worry is the rise in retailer margins, with unleaded and diesel margins hitting 9.5p and 18p per litre respectively, marking a 6p increase in April, much higher than the long term average of 8p per litre for both fuels, according to the RAC.

These concerns arise amid ongoing variations in fuel prices across different UK regions, with Northern Ireland consistently having lower prices by 5p per litre compared to the mainland.

The RAC attributes this gap to unfair retailer margins and calls for measures to ensure fair pricing nationwide.

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