Green home
Ensuring homes are green is fast becoming a priority for people across the UK

A new survey found 68% of UK residents would take eco-friendly features into account before deciding on a new home

Solar and wind-powered house goes on sale on Amazon for $24k

Unfortunately, the Weizhengheng house is not featured as part of Amazon Prime and shipping will cost an additional $1,000

Green home opens its doors

A Scottish couple are to open the doors of their green home to the public this weekend. Sandy and Ann Dickson will invite Ayrshire residents into their inspirational green home as part of a series of ‘Green Designs’ open doors events managed by the Energy Saving Trust. Visitors can look around, speak to the owners […]

House buyers to get better energy information on prospective houses

Energy information on properties will be made clearer through new and improved Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). According to the Government, homebuyers will now have a better idea of how to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Alongside the recommendations for improvements, the new certificates will indicate to the consumer whether they can be funded […]