Solar and wind-powered house goes on sale on Amazon for $24k

Unfortunately, the Weizhengheng house is not featured as part of Amazon Prime and shipping will cost an additional $1,000

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A solar-powered house is up for sale on the US Amazon website for the sum of $23,800 (£19,700).

The prefabricated Weizhengheng house has been created by China’s Wzhgroup, which specialises in the production of flat-pack and container-based buildings.

However, there’s a catch – the house costs $1,000 (£827.80) for postage and isn’t available on Amazon Prime.

The seller notes it comes with solar power and wind power systems to supply its lighting,television and refrigerator with clean electricity.

The house also features a ‘luxury shower and toilet’, as well as a kitchen, bedroom, dining table, energy-saving air conditioner and even a remote control to deploy the structure once it is delivered.

The mini-home has no reviews yet but the description reads: “It can use widely in varieties of situation that makes your life more comfortable.

“Each part of the container house has multiple firm material. You can choice what you want.”

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