India’s Tata Power unveils EV charging points

Tata Power has installed its first electric vehicle (EV) charging station in the Indian state of Mumbai. The chargers at the Tata Power Receiving Station are able to monitor the car battery status and units consumed while charging a vehicle. The company plans to set up more charging stations at other locations in the city. […]

Stark $1trillion flood warning for cities on the coast

A stark warning over the monumental cost of flooding in some of the world’s biggest coastal cities including New York (pictured), Mumbai and Guangzhou was issued by the OECD yesterday. A mind-boggling $1trillion (£0.6trn) worth of losses could result from future flooding if nations do nothing to boost their flood defences in the face of […]

India seeks global firms for waste-to-energy projects

International firms are being invited to submit proposals for waste-to-energy plants to treat the refuse in the state of Mumbai. With more than 6,000 metric tonnes of solid waste generated by the city everyday, the two operational dumping grounds in Deonar and Kanjurmarg are believed to be getting worse, according to reports. They claim the […]

Tata plant trades gas for coal to save cash

Indian energy giant Tata Power has announced it is modernising a gas plant in Mumbai so it can use coal. The firm says bringing in coal will avoid ever-rising gas costs, keeping prices low for customers. Adding dual-fuel firing technology will cost Rs. 1174 crores (£13.2million), which includes pollution control equipment to keep its emissions […]

Marriott hotels plan to save 450m gallons of water in 3 years

Global hotelier Marriott is planning to cut its water use by 450 million gallons over the next three years. The chain has teamed up with sustainable services firm Nalco to install water saving equipment in chillers and cooling towers across its hotels worldwide. The programme was kicked off at a hotel in Mumbai, India, where […]