Britain’s grid was the greenest it has ever been this year!

Electricity had its lowest carbon intensity level on the 5th of April

Balancing Mechanism costs ‘skyrocketed by 294%’

From September to November, the BM cost reached £967m, compared to £337m the same period last year

National Grid to explore reasons behind high prices of balancing market

The review will be carried out by National Grid ESO and external consultants

National Grid ESO creates a digital replica of entire UK energy system

The so-called Virtual Energy System is designed to give access to real-time data on the operation of the energy system

Can you hear the grid’s roar?

National Grid ESO has announced the deployment of new smart tech that will help accurately measure power system stability

Kwasi Kwarteng reportedly held private Met Office briefing with energy bosses

The briefing said that the UK will face mild and wet conditions through the winter

Britain ‘will have enough capacity to meet winter electricity demand’

In its new outlook report, the National Grid ESO expects sufficient margins over the winter to meet demand

Britain’s coal-fired power stations ‘received huge sums to keep lights on’

Soaring energy prices and low wind generation have reportedly led the National Grid ESO to spend nearly £86 million last week on fossil fuel power stations

Britain fires up coal power plant to meet electricity demand

National Grid ESO has asked EDF to fire up two units at its West Burton A power station in Nottinghamshire

Firms to pay £6m for wholesale energy market regulations breach

Ofgem said ESB Independent Generation Trading Limited and Carrington Power Limited submitted inaccurate data about the amount of energy a power plant could supply