Customers lead the charge in grid balancing through EVs

Octopus customers have taken part in an industry trial, using their electric cars to contribute to the stabilisation of the UK’s grid

UK smashes low carbon electricity record with wind power

On Monday 18th September, the UK achieved a new low carbon intensity record of 27g/kWh, according to new data

UK homes balance the grid

UK households are set to stabilise the power grid by participating in a new trial initiated by the Electricity System Operator

National Grid’s winter blackout prevention scheme returns

The electricity system operator has announced the return of its Demand Flexibility Service, allowing homes and businesses to earn rewards by adjusting energy usage

ESO revamps Balancing Reserve: Green light for smaller units

The Electricity System Operator has changed its plans for the Balancing Reserve service, making it accessible to smaller units alongside larger ones

Nation’s roar for Lionesses ignites power surge

Despite a hard-fought 1-0 loss to Spain in the Women’s World Cup final, the Lionesses generated 500MW TV pickup at halftime, according to National Grid ESO

UK renewables
UK eases grid backlog

Ofgem has approved the Transmission Entry Capacity Amnesty led by National Grid ESO, move that could release up to 8GW of projects from the queue

Critical sites shielded: Ofgem acts to avert blackouts

The regulator has accelerated measures to safeguard critical sites from potential blackouts by granting urgent status to a proposal that aims to prevent disconnections during emergency load shedding

“No time to waste”: Energy industry reacts to Electricity Networks Commissioner report

The consensus within the energy industry is clear: the most crucial challenge in the energy transition is reducing the time required for planning and constructing network infrastructure

UK generates 52% zero carbon electricity in July

Last month, wind generation increased to 29%, according to National Grid ESO