The man who thinks about uranium when he sleeps!

How can we make nuclear waste a thing of the past?

Scotland slams UK Government’s nuclear emphasis in energy security plan

The Scottish Government has said nuclear power remains an unsustainable solution to the country’s net zero energy goals

US nuclear plant ‘leaks 400k gallons of radioactive water’

Water containing radioactive tritium leaked from Xcel Energy’s Monticello nuclear power plant in Minnesota in November

UK nuclear waste in a box

The leftover nuclear material from a Gloucestershire nuclear power station has been put into concrete storage boxes

Birmingham Uni opens facility to support next-gen nuclear energy generators

Claimed to be the UK’s first high-flux neutron facility, it will enable scientists to study the properties of materials used in nuclear energy production

Concerns raised as the UK starts hunt for undersea nuclear waste disposal sites

Animal welfare groups and campaigners blast ongoing surveys for undersea nuclear waste dump

First marine geophysical surveys for nuclear waste disposal begins in Cumbria

The surveys will gather data to provide a better understanding of the rock structure and help find a suitable site for radioactive waste in the UK

US companies partner on nuclear fuel recycling

The partnership between Curio and Energy Northwest is part of the former company’s plans to deploy what it claims will be the first commercial nuclear fuel recycling facility in the US

Nuclear waste removed from Sellafield

The waste has been held for 60 years, in what the NDA calls one of its most hazardous sites

Chernobyl nuclear plant staff ‘stole fuel from Russians to prevent catastrophic incident’

Officials at the station reportedly confirmed drone footage released by Ukrainian military showed Russian troops dug trenches and stayed there, the BBC reported