Office for Nuclear Regulation greenlights restart of EDF’s reactors

The two reactors at Hunterston B on Scotland’s west coast were taken offline in 2018 after cracks were found in the cores of both of them

House of Lords Committee pens letter over Brexit nuclear concerns

The group has called for urgent clarification on what actions the government is taking to mitigate any risks

Approval of UK nuclear reactors draws closer

The reactor planned for new nuclear power stations in the UK is on course to be approved by the “end of the year”. The Office for Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency identified 31 issues last year to be resolved on the EPR reactor design chosen by EDF Energy and Areva for new plants at […]

UK nuclear has no “serious” weaknesses

The Office for Nuclear Regulation has confirmed the UK’s non-power generating nuclear facilities are safe after “robust and challenging” stress tests were carried out. The tests were requested last year by chief nuclear inspector Mike Weightman following last year’s accident at the Fukushima plant in Japan. Mark Foy, a senior inspector at the Office for […]

Industry must bear cost of new nuclear safety rules

It is the nuclear industry’s job to take on the cost of financing extra safety measures. This is the view of the the UK’s Chief Inspector of Nuclear Installations in the wake of his official report into the lessons to be learned from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan. Dr Mike Weightman, who also heads […]

A Cancun climate deal would be good for nuclear, says Hendry

Energy Minister Charles Hendry today said that a successful global climate deal in Cancun next week “would be good for the nuclear industry, at home and abroad”. Speaking at a nuclear forum in London, he said businesses “are crying out for governments to join together and show real leadership” and this involved “a more sustainable […]