‘UK’s current energy retail market cannot deliver net zero grid’

Government launches call for evidence to reform energy retail market, but experts caution that additional measures are required to safeguard vulnerable individuals struggling with unaffordable energy bills

UK faces EV charger grid strain: Delays hamper summer plans

Experts have highlighted that EV charger installations face significant power supply delays

Construction of first UK-Germany direct power link gets underway

NeuConnect has secured a licence agreement with The Crown Estate, which paves the way for major construction work to commence in the UK this summer

What’s next for EDF’s nationalisation?

An appeals court in France has rejected a complaint by minority shareholders regarding the government’s buyout of EDF

Court clears way for full nationalisation of EDF

Emmanuel Macron’s plan to boost nuclear energy involves constructing a minimum of six new reactors in the coming years, with the buyout of EDF forming part of this strategy

ENA’s new action plan speeds up UK’s green grid connections

The Energy Networks Association has released a three-step plan as 69GW of new connection requests were made in the year up to October – the equivalent of a whole grid’s worth of capacity seeking to connect

Uniper supercharges grid stability with custom condenser units

Grain power station site has introduced two new custom-built synchronous condenser units, making Uniper the biggest grid stability service provider

National Grid: Coal-fired power units asked to warm up

Two units will prepare to boost the grid as low winds are expected to leave electricity supplies tighter than usual

How can AI future-proof the UK’s grid against space storms?

Scientists say that solar storms disrupt power grids and communications on Earth

UK releases first tranche of £10m support to help restore Ukraine’s energy system

It follows Russia’s widespread missile and drone strikes, which have particularly targeted Ukraine’s electricity supply, since October 2022