Blog: A splash of cold water on the Ice Bucket Challenge

3, 2, 1… Splash! It’s the craze right now with videos of it flooding my Facebook news feed every day. David Beckham has done it, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates has and so have a lot of the A-listers in Hollywood. If you don’t know what I’m talking about (perhaps you’ve been living in a cave?), […]

The Energy Round-up – July

ELN reporter Priyanka Shrestha reveals the biggest energy stories in July 2014.

The energy round-up April 2014

ELN reporter Priyanka Shrestha takes a look at the biggest energy stories of the last month.

Does age affect attitudes towards energy?

ELN Reporter Priyanka Shrestha looks into telecommunications giant BT’s new report which shows contrasts in attitudes in the way the younger and older generations view their energy providers. She talks to industry experts about what the energy industry can learn from the telecoms sector.

Blog: 12-hour power cuts? The nightmare norm in Nepal

I miss a lot of things living away from my home back in Nepal – the magnificent scenery, exquisite food, beautiful temples and my family. What I don’t miss however is the amount of ‘load shedding’ hours people there have to cope with. Load shedding is the term used when referring to a power cut. […]

London launches first waste to heat network

  A heating network that uses household waste to generate energy has been launched in south east London which provides heat and hot water to 2,500 homes in the borough of Southwark. ELN Reporter Priyanka Shrestha tours the facility to find out how it works.

Blog: YouTube GamerGran catches the energy mood…

Who do you associate video games with? Surely not the elderly? It’s the youngsters who pretend to save the world from all kinds of evil in their little fantasy world right? Well, that’s not the case this time. One such person, surprisingly, is a grandma (unlikely to be the sort to invite you in for […]

Should auto-rollover energy contracts be banned?

With businesses being locked into energy contracts as a result of automatic rollovers, usually having to face higher bills, should Ofgem ban them altogther? ELN Reporter Priyanka Shrestha looks at how small firms have been affected and what the energy regulator and suppliers should be doing to help.

Blog: Sometimes crime does pay…

It’s been three months since he’s stepped out of prison and he’s already landed a high-profile public job. Yes, I’m referring to none other than the infamous and disgraced former Energy Secretary Chris Huhne. He committed a crime back in 2003 when his now ex-wife Vicky Pryce took speeding points for him in fear he […]

Public reaction to Demand Side Response

With businesses being asked to cut down their energy usage during peak demand time as power stations close, how do the general public feel if they had to turn down power in their homes if needed? ELN Reporter Priyanka Shrestha hits the streets of London to find out.