‘Peterborough’s solar success could amp up UK’s power by 7GW’

Peterborough leads English constituencies with the highest deployment of domestic solar photovoltaic systems, boasting a total of 6,744 installations, according to government data

‘Solar leafs’ outshine panels in UK breakthrough

The new technology eradicates the need for pumps, fans, control units and expensive materials, while also making more clean water and thermal energy

“Billion-pound energy savings through off-peak electricity use”

Time-of-use tariffs, smart meters, solar panels and batteries could help households save up to 52% on energy bills by 2040, according to a new report

Octopus to invest £2m in new UK solar and battery storage business

Octopus Renewables Infrastructure Trust will set up a new business, targeting over 350MW of ground-mounted solar PV and battery storage projects in the UK

UK residential solar PV installations to increase to over 450k a year by 2030

The growth will be driven by increased electrification through greater use of heat pumps and electric vehicles, according to a report

IEA: Global solar PV and wind drive record increase

The global renewable power capacity is set to increase by one-third this year, fuelled by robust deployment of solar PV and wind power, according to the International Energy Agency

Shining bright: Solar PV developer secures £310m to power up 1GW pipeline

Renewable energy firm Low Carbon has secured £310 million in funding from four international banks to support its solar PV projects

Newcastle researchers create sustainable indoor solar cells for IoT

Researchers at Newcastle University have developed indoor solar cells that can efficiently harness ambient light to power IoT devices

New Israeli solar panel boosts yields for farmers

Scientists have discovered new solar cells that could reduce the cost of energy per kWh by 75% while boosting crops

IEA: Global renewables capacity to double in the next five years

Counties are predicted to build as many renewable energy projects in the next five years as they did in the past 20, according to a report