UNEP and EU bank join forces to slash marine and coastal pollution

The €5m initiative aims to promote adequate water, wastewater, solid waste and industrial emissions management in the Southern Mediterranean region

Clean Oceans Initiative doubles commitment to €4bn by 2025

It supports projects that reduce discharge of plastics, micro-plastics and other litter to the oceans through improved management of solid waste, wastewater and storm water

World Bank approves $200m to improve air quality in Egypt

The project will focus on reducing emissions from vehicles, improving the management of solid waste and strengthening the air and climate decision-making system in Greater Cairo

India sets aside $55m for municipal solid-waste based projects

The Indian government plans to expand its waste-to-energy programme to municipal waste with a target of 200MW

Kazakhstan aims to improve water and waste management

The Government of Kazakhstan has joined forces with a London-based bank to improve the standards of water and solid waste management in the country. The Ministry of Environmental Protection signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to cooperate on reforms and projects in waste and water management sectors. […]

China gets $200m for waste-to-energy plants

China is getting loans worth $200 million (£131m) to turn its cities’ waste into a sustainable source of renewable energy. The cash from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) will help small and medium-sized cities build at least nine plants capable of converting up to 6,300 tons of municipal solid waste daily into energy. The plants […]