Talking Energy with Lawrence Slade of Energy UK

ELN Editor Sumit Bose speaks to Lawrence Slade the CEO of Energy UK in a frank interview discussing the state of the energy sector, Tory policy direction and trust.

Talking Energy with Guus Weiss

Working in energy is a “complicated game of chess” says the boss of retail for GDF SUEZ Energy UK. Guus Weiss tells ELN Editor Sumit Bose that he still “loves” what he does, despite the complexities. Find out more in this in-depth interview part of our Talking Energy series.

Editorial – volatility finally cheers us up…

Volatile is an intriguing word. Angry, disturbed, changing form, raging woman (why is it generally associated with the female gender?), unpredictable and yet also buoyant, skittish, imponderable and ephemeral. All synonyms for volatile. And yet it’s Latin root comes from Volare which means ‘to fly’. That seems most to me the most apt definition of […]

Welcome to TELCA 2015

ELN editor Sumit Bose takes you through what is happening this year at TELCA 2015.

A Question of Energy

Watch two of the Big Six bosses – Anthony Ainsworth from E.ON and Stephen Beynon from British Gas Business – as well as EY’s Tony Ward and John Mills from Business for Britain talk about all things good and bad in the energy sector and answer some tough questions from the audience.

Ed Davey at Energy Live 2014

Energy Secretary Ed Davey takes to the stage at the Energy Live 2014 conference in London and talks regulation, energy efficiency and climate change.