EU member states required to fill gas storage by 90% under new proposals

The European Commission has outlined options to mitigate high energy prices with common gas purchases and minimum gas storage obligations

US mayors form electric vehicles task force

The Conference Task Force on Electric Vehicles will focus on approaches to accelerate the transition towards cleaner vehicles and vehicle electrification and build the infrastructure needed to support EVs

New task force seeks offshore wind integration solutions

It will explore using electricity from offshore wind farms to generate and store hydrogen as a power source

Shale gas could be ‘useful transition’ to low carbon future

The UK should go ahead with fracking for shale gas as it could provide a “useful transition” to a low carbon long term future. That’s the recommendation from the Shale Gas Task Force as part of its latest report exploring the impacts on climate change. It believes shale gas should be explored as a potential […]

Shale Gas Task Force: UK needs tougher fracking rules

The UK will need tougher rules to ensure the shale gas exploration process has minimum health and environmental impacts. The Task Force on Shale Gas, which is expected to provide an impartial and transparent assessment of the potential benefits and risks, said fracking could be done safely in the country under “rigorous regulations”. Its report […]

DECC appoint CCS task force chair

Government has announced the appointment of Dr Jeff Chapman to become the chair of the new Carbon Capture and Storage Cost Reduction Task Force. Announced last month in the CCS Roadmap, the task force has been set up to help keep CCS cost competitive with other low carbon technologies by the early 2020s. Energy Minister Charles […]