SSE’s sunny combo: Wind meets solar power in Ireland

SSE Renewables is seeking planning permission to co-locate a 21MW solar farm alongside its existing Richfield Wind Farm in Ireland

National Grid readies 10GW capacity for ‘shovel-ready’ renewable projects

National Grid Electricity Distribution has unveiled a 10GW distribution capacity for fresh renewable energy projects spanning the Midlands, South Wales and the South West

Fury as flagship floating windfarm project flops in UK auction

Concerns arise in Wales as the flagship offshore wind project, Erebus, fails to secure contracts in the UK government’s renewable energy auction

Is UK’s green energy auction on the brink?

Industry insiders are expressing concerns that tomorrow’s announcement may reveal a lack of significant bids in the forthcoming Contracts for Difference auction results

“UK’s onshore wind policy changes do not go far enough”

Energy industry leaders express dissatisfaction with the recent onshore wind policy changes, asserting that they do not address the fundamental issues

UK lifts onshore wind ban

The new measures will make it easier to find suitable locations for onshore wind farms by involving communities and speeding up site allocation through different local planning processes

Villagers ‘reject £5,000 payouts, oppose giant wind turbines in Wales’

Residents in Wales are reportedly resisting £5,000 compensation offers to oppose plans for massive wind turbines and a network of pylons in the Nant Mithil Energy Park

Solar boom or gloom?

New analysis reveals that imposing more restrictions on ground-mounted solar farms could inflate energy bills by up to £5 billion annually

New Energy Secretary faces Energy Bill challenge

Energy Security Secretary Claire Coutinho faces substantial Energy Bill amendments and committee sessions this week

UK energised to exit Energy Charter Treaty?

The UK is contemplating a potential exit from the Energy Charter Treaty due to ongoing disagreements among member states regarding the adoption of updated rules