New scheme aims to make Brazilian cities more energy efficient

It is expected to create new markets in the areas of efficient street lighting and industrial energy efficiency

World Bank lends $200m to help Kenya combat climate risks

The funding will help to strengthen the economy and minimise the climate impact

EU bank to invest $11.75m in solar energy project in Zambia

International support will help to continue solar development in the African country

World Bank announces $300m energy efficiency funding for India

The investments under the programme are expected to avoid 170 million tons of carbon dioxide being emitted

World Bank approves $180m for Kenya’s energy sector

The loan will help strengthen the financial position of state-run Kenya Electricity Generation Company

Oil prices to average $65 a barrel in 2018

That’s an increase on strong demand from consumers and restraint by oil producers, says the World Bank

Ukraine gets €53m energy efficiency boost

The IFC, a member of the World Bank, will manage the funding from the EU and Germany

Sun shines on solar in Senegal

Two projects will have a total capacity of 60MW and are part of the Scaling Solar initiative

World Bank warns of 143m ‘climate migrants’ by 2050

Three densely populated regions – Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Latin America – are to be affected

New $102m fund to boost industrial energy efficiency in Vietnam

Industrial companies will be able to use the fund to buy energy efficient products to reduce their power use