AI tech to help water firm cut power costs by 10% a year

It will enable the continuous monitoring and management of electricity demand and generation across United Utilities’ sites

Big Zero Report 2022

Water company United Utilities is using artificial intelligence (AI) technology that is expected to help reduce electricity costs by 10% a year.

Around 8MW of pumps, motors and biogas engines across eight of the water firm’s sites will be connected to the technology provided by Open Energi over the next 12 months.

It will enable a flexible approach to energy management with continuous monitoring of power demand and generation across the sites to reduce costs and increase renewable self-generation.

The fully automated technology is expected to shift United Utilities’ demand so it consumes more when it is generating high levels of electricity and much less during expensive peak periods as well as responds to fluctuations on the grid.

Andy Pennick, Energy Manager at United Utilities said: “We are committed to providing safe, cost efficient and sustainable water and wastewater services to our customers… By bringing all our energy disciplines together, we can focus on future proofing our energy strategy and providing low carbon, secure energy at least cost.

“Dynamic Demand 2.0 underpins this strategy, providing powerful insight into asset performance and an adaptable platform that helps United Utilities to respond quickly and efficiently to changing regulation – which can result in additional costs without careful management – and take advantage of new market opportunities, whilst also supporting United Utilities’ sustainability strategy.”

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