Carbon dioxide emissions
‘AI could cut carbon capture costs by 36%’

A new study reveals that artificial intelligence could boost carbon capture efficiency, resulting in a 16.7% increase in CO2 capture and a 36.3% reduction in energy consumption from the grid

Landmark £1m on offer for AI innovations across energy, environment

The Manchester Prize, launching for the first time, will focus on solutions to challenges surrounding energy, environment and infrastructure for the first two years

Veolia improves efficiency in massive UK heat network with AI

The AI tool improves efficiency in the heating system by using real-time data to cut peak loads by 20% and boost heat delivery by 25%

SP Energy Networks uses AI for winter power cuts

SP Energy Networks is conducting a trial using artificial intelligence to predict potential faults in the electricity network caused by severe weather

AI energy use nears small country levels

AI’s expanding energy requirements could soon equal those of a small nation, raising environmental concerns as the technology gains wider adoption by tech companies

Google’s AI project aims to slash UK city emissions

Google is piloting an AI-powered traffic optimisation project in the UK, using AI and Google Maps data to improve traffic light synchronisation and reduce emissions at intersections

Edinburgh pioneers computing for low carbon energy

Edinburgh is set to host a cutting-edge exascale computing system, poised to transform AI, medicine and clean energy breakthroughs

AI can help clean up our landfills, says expert

In this week’s Net Hero Podcast, we spoke to Carling Spelhaug of AMP Robotics who tells us about the value of AI and robotics in recycling

‘Peer-to-peer energy trading slashes business bills by up to 90%’

Companies at Mildenhall Industrial Park in West Suffolk have witnessed reductions in their energy bills, ranging from 20% to 90%, through peer-to-peer energy trading

Birds vs wind turbines: Who’s winning?

Utilising AI technology, a new project at the Aberdeen Bay Offshore Wind Farm aims to track the flight behaviour of seabirds, shedding light on bird interactions with offshore wind turbines