New York state files lawsuit against PepsiCo for alleged plastic pollution

New York state is suing PepsiCo, alleging its role in plastic pollution along Buffalo River, with the company identified as a major contributor

Wales & West Utilities secures funding for green hydrogen electrolyser

Wales & West Utilities has secured funding from Ofgem’s Strategic Innovation Fund to develop green hydrogen electrolyser prototypes

UK mulls ban on plastic wet wipes

The government has launched a consultation aimed at banning wet wipes containing plastic across the UK

Saving businesses water and energy – and reducing carbon emissions – leads to award haul for water retailer Water Plus

Water Plus, the UK’s largest business water retailer, has won six more awards in 2023, covering water conservation and carbon reduction, for its work with organisations in England and Scotland

Dams: Flood prevention heroes saving billions

Harnessing dams for flood prevention holds the potential to save up to $96 billion, benefitting 660 million people living in flood-prone urban regions, according to a new study

Thames Water fined £3.34m for polluting rivers

A judge has ruled that Thames Water’s actions resulted in severe pollution of rivers in Sussex and Surrey, causing the death of thousands of fish

Water experts Water Plus scoops 3 awards, including highest level of Green World Award for work with organisations around their water use and water efficiency in the UK

Water retailer Water Plus has received a second Gold for water management in the space of just six months, along with two other national awards in 2023, for its work in its industry and for its water experts

‘Much of England to suffer from water stress by 2040’

Water stress is when there is more demand than what’s readily available

US nuclear power plant hit with second radioactive water leak

Xcel Energy’s Monticello nuclear plant will power down for repairs over a second water leak containing tritium

Legal challenge to UK’s Sizewell C nuclear project approval

Lawyers representing campaigners argued in London’s High Court that the government did not evaluate the environmental impact of the nuclear power plant