Deliveroo looks to deliver emissions savings with electric scooters

The food delivery service has partnered with Elmovo to offer a new service where food delivery riders in London can rent an electric moped by the hour

The Big Zero report

Deliveroo is teaming up with an electric moped rental company to allow its food delivery riders in London to rent a zero emission scooter by the hour.

The delivery service’s deal with Elmovo will mean riders will be able to rent the scooters for £1.83 per hour which includes insurance and all other costs.

Deliveroo believes that supporting the use of electric vehicles for food delivery will encourage adoption of low carbon transport and help reduce air pollution across the capital.

The partnership will see 72 of the mopeds being made available for flexible rental for Deliveroo riders – more than 500 hundred riders have already registered for the scheme.

The scooters have a 75-mile range and a top speed of 30mph.

Dan Warne, Managing Director for Deliveroo in the UK and Ireland, said: “Deliveroo wants every meal we deliver to be truly amazing but that is only possible if the delivery is sustainable alongside the great food we offer.

“Electric mopeds and bikes represent an environmental friendly, neighbourhood conscious solution to cut emissions which save riders money in the long run.”

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