Scotland ‘must lift thousands out of fuel poverty’

Citizens Advice Scotland have called for a consumer helpline to be set up to help solve the problem

New aerospace funding to see smart plane tech take to the skies

Around £8m of new financing aims to help develop technologies such as electric planes and smart systems

Is floor-mounted solar technology on the road to nowhere?

A new test suggests solar roads are not an efficient way to use the technology

Jaguar’s new electric car leaps from London to Brussels in single charge

The automaker drove its I-PACE 229 miles, arriving with 8% battery charge left in reserve

Diarrhoea AND electricity? This bacteria can do it all!

Listeria monocytogenes is able to generate its own power, which scientists say could be harnessed

Veolia to trial rubbish EVs in London and Sheffield

They will be powered by waste collected by the company

Workhorse showcases electric mobility offering in Manhattan

The vehicle manufacturer has unveiled a new personal ‘octocopter’ and an electric pickup truck

Lidl Ireland charges up store car parks with EV infrastructure

It has committed to building 40 EV charging points across 20 of its locations

Porsche’s first electric car to shoot out of the showroom in 2019

The 600bhp battery-powered Taycan will be able to accelerate to 62mph in under 3.5 seconds

Finland flies towards low carbon aviation with first electric plane

The country’s aviation body hopes the aircraft will clean up airborne pollution and slash fuel costs