Scotland’s castles ditch gas heating and go green

Gas heating will be banned from all Historic Environment Scotland buildings as part of its 2045 net zero goal

The Big Zero report

Historic Environment Scotland (HES) has announced it is ditching gas heating from all of its sites, many of which are castles, as part of a newly-announced 2045 net zero goal.

The organisation aims not only to cover its energy needs with power from renewable sources by 2032, but also to double its annual emission reduction targets during the next ten years and beyond.

HES plans to optimise energy efficiency improvements at all sites, including Edinburgh Castle, by 2028 in order to reach its goals.

It said further funds will support cycling infrastructure, the reduction of its vehicle fleet (to reach 30% by 2025) and the use of electric vehicles (EVs).

Jane Ryder, Chair of HES, said: “In the past year, international heritage experts have come to Scotland to work with us to develop pioneering methods to better understand the climate change threat to World Heritage sites.

“We are setting out our most ambitious climate change plans to date. The Climate Action Plan will transform how we operate as an organisation, increasing resilience and making our business more effective and efficient.”

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